Nipple Play At It’s Finest

Nipple Play At It’s Finest

My my my did this nipple teaser do the trick. Got this cool little foreplay teaser from and could be anymore happier with the results. It came in the mail when I was out of town and the wife opened it and played with it. She thought it was a clitoris stimulator and told me how hard it was to use. I had t inform her that it was a nipple teaser but see if it worked down there anyway. With the big suction ring on it it does not convert well to play in the vaginal area.

Fast forward to when I made it back home. The wife was getting ready for work and had already got dressed. She was going to be leaving in 20 minutes or so. I asked her if I could test it on her quick before she left. Once she got a little feel of the nipple teaser the quick test turned into a quick sex session that caused her to be late for work.

My wife has smaller sized breasts which the cup fit easily around. I can’t vouch for people with bigger breasts but the cup seems to be able to accommodate up to maybe a d cup. The ribbed tip on the teaser made for added fun. If you just hold the toy on the nipple you can really enjoy it but moving it around while on enhanced the sensation and fun.

There is only one speed on the nipple teaser for vibration sensations and it was enough to get the job done. It is slightly noisy when on but not too loud do drown out the moans of pleasure. Using the nipple vibrator during sex definitely helped bring my wife to climax faster. This nipple teaser isn’t for people who are into rough nipple play. The sensation is a gentle massage that brings the arousal level up to help with climaxing.

There is no real need to clean the toy after play but for some reason if the toy does need to be cleaned it can easily be washed off in the sink. The bullet vibrator comes out with a little force. There is a little suction force to it but that means it won’t be falling out during play. You can use the bullet alone for play as well. You can really feel the vibration of the vibrator once it is out of the sleeve of the nipple teaser. The vibrator takes an A13 button battery which isn’t going to be just laying around the house when it comes to time to change it. You might want to get some for stock since you will for sure be using this toy a lot.

The passion that ensured between me and the wife once this toy was pulled out was phenomenal. I highly recommend adding this toy to your collection.

product picture
Nipple vibrator by Eden Toys
Material: Silicone
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.


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