Orgasm Enforcer Indeed

Orgasm Enforcer Indeed

I have watched my share of porn videos where a girl takes a big dildo or vibrator and I have always been amazed at how she takes it all in.  I have now had my first experience with a gigantic vibrator and I was truly amazed. I carry above average penis around with me everyday and enjoy watching it please women as it goes in and out. I’m big but not that big. This vibrator truly caused me some concerns the first time I pulled it out of the package. I thought how am I going to compare to this thing, should I even use it on my wife, I am now David to this Goliath of a vibrator.

Give it a couple of days and we finally decide to go ahead and use this vibrator. I was really curious as to see if she could handle all of it and what she would get out of it. I got real satisfaction out of watching the reaction that came along with inserting this toy into my wife’s pussy. She got even more satisfaction from me inserting it into her. The vibrator takes 2 AA batteries which is more than your standard 1 AAA battery vibrators out there and so for the vibrations through this thing were more intense. There are 7 speeds to choose from and I can guarantee that you will find one that suits you very well.

Besides this vibrator being thick and long the ears of the rabbit are quite short. Don’t look for clit stimulation at the same time while it is inserted in to the vagina. If you want you can apply it directly to the clitoris for direct stimulation and boy I can tell you this worked wonders on the wife. The wife does have a tendency to run dry at times so we are no stranger to using lube in the bedroom. Even with this impressive sized vibrator that was intimidating to both of us we were able to get by with the natural juices that she produced. I have never seen her more wet with a toy before or have I ever seen her make more “omg ” faces with a toy either.

We use and try a variety of toys in our bedroom and along the way the wife has found a favorite toy that we use more often than the others. After seeing her experience an orgasm after using this thing I can see it moving up to the number one spot if not number two of her favorite sex toys.

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